Practical pistol. Level II.

Time: 4-6 hours
(depending on the shooting range and size of the group)

Ammo: 250 rounds

In practical shooting,  basics are what matter most. This training is a must for anyone who wishes to learn to shoot. For those who already have some experience, it is a return to basics and the best way to eliminate bad habits.

For whom?

Level II is for those who have so far had limited experience with pistols, as well as for those who are interested in dynamic and/or combat shooting but are only used to bullseye shooting.
The training is conducted by ex-operators of GROM, Poland’s most renowned special forces.

Scope of training:

  • Safety rules
  • Preparation of guns and gear
  • Recap of Level I
  • Aiming
  • Appropriate trigger control
  • Trigger reset
  • Magazine replacement in combat
  • Tactical magazine replacement
  • Pistols malfunctions and clearing
  • Basics of working from the holster
  • Basics before drills
  • Rhythmic shooting
  • Speed versus accuracy
  • Shooting on the move

Required gear:

  • Pistol + 2 magazines
  • Belt, holster, mag pouches
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 250 rounds