Ex-special forces operators – all from GROM combat groups. Over twenty years spent in military service, on foreign missions fighting in war zones.

We specialise in comprehensive training courses and advisory in practical shooting, tactics and special forces procedures.
We also organize military-style events for both corporate clients and families.

Group 7.62’s shooting training system teaches you to develop the right habits right from the start, to gain confidence when using a firearm, to keep reaction time to a minimum, to shoot faster and better regardless of conditions, to know what to do in the face of a real threat.
Real combat, flashlights – shooting in the dark, shooting on the move, shooting drills, assignments, shooting from and through vehicles, shooting in unexpected conditions, concealment carry, handling a gun in life-threatening situations, technical trainings and tactical shooting courses.
We organize trainings for individuals and/or groups of people who wish to benefit from selected elements of the trainings, or to train in a more private environment.
Military-style events with helicopter, vehicles and pyrotechnics, off-roads, fording Pilica river, urban games designed on special-forces operations, teambuilding activities, special forces showcase combat skills.
Family picnics for up to 200 attendees, recreational shooting, military-style birthday parties, outdoor games, paintball and ASG, survival, base building and camouflaging, military vehicle rides, shooting and sport competitions, self-defence, first aid.
Training Ground – over 30,000 sqm of fenced area, 180-degree shooting range, 2 buildings designated for CQB trainings with airsoft, paintball or powder ball guns (120 sqm and 500 sqm), diversified setting/terrain: bunkers, shelters, ranges, hills, trees, meadow, campfire places, huge parking area, in close proximity to accommodation and restaurant facilities.