Business and team-building events, shooting picnics


  • Teamwork, trust, responsibility, adrenaline
  • Military-style events with helicopter, vehicles and pyrotechnics
  • Off-roads, fording Pilica river
  • Urban games designed on special-forces operations
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Business and family picnics for up to 200 attendees
  • Family activities
  • Special forces showcase combat skills

We are here to help you organize an unforgettable evening, shooting picnic or complex business event. Be assured we will provide you and your guests with memorable attractions and a huge doze of the adrenaline.

Family and recreation

Family and recreation

  • Strong relationship building
  • Recreational shooting
  • Military-style birthday parties
  • Outdoor games
  • Paintball and ASG
  • Survival
  • Base building and camouflaging
  • Military vehicle rides
  • Shooting and sport competitions
  • Self-defence
  • First Aid

Military Events

Owing to the wide variety of scenarios available, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or email.